Created in 2016 and previously named Sketch MTL, Montreal Interactive is a local community for digital designer. We organize events and workshops to help, with meaningful knowledge, every designer to become better.

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Behind the organization

Photo - Fabien Laborie

Fabien Laborie

Co-founder, organization and branding

His alter ego is a beatmaker named Inscience.

Photo - Matt Preston

Matt Preston

Co-founder and organization

If we had to choose between all the Disney princesses, he would definitely be Rapunzel!

Photo - Alexia Brideau-Francoeur

Alexia Brideau-Francoeur

Organization and branding

In her spare time, she always hesitates between drawing, gaming or watching JoJo.

Photo - Michael Descharles

Michael Descharles

Organization and photography

He's our wannabe skateur, we are still waiting for Tony Hawk to retire so he can replace him.

Photo - Kimberly Wilky

Kimberly Wilky

Management and organization

People call her Kim, gamers prefer Opii and for some of her colleagues it's Berlé!

Photo - Vincent Chevalier

Vincent Chevalier

Web development and photography

(>'-')> ... <('_'<) ... ^('_')^ ... ... (>'-')> ... <('_'<)

Photo - Clemence de Robert

Clemence de Robert

Management and organization

If you're looking for her, she's either on Miro, either in a coffee shop, either both !


Incoming events

We bring you more content, more frequently to help every designer of our community to evolve as their full potential.

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Say goodbye to static design

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How to design a dark theme

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